More william

more william

More William is the second in the long series written by Richmal Crompton Lamburn. She was a dedicated school teacher who began writing full time after she. More William has ratings and 39 reviews. Nandakishore said: Still on the nostalgia trail moving on to another childhood favourite. I made my first. LibriVox recording of More William by Richmal Crompton. Read by Tim and Barbara Bulkeley. "It was on.

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More William Stories read by Kenneth Williams (1983) It was evident to any careful observer that he had not confined his attentions to the exterior of the White Lion. William at War Richmal Crompton. Will you have to go? Get on with the play! There were sounds of clambering feet on the other side of the wall, then William's grimy countenance appeared. William pulls some hilarious stunts that seem to have no purpose other than to piss people off in some of the stories. With a knife from the table he extracted the contents—three-halfpence! The tree was covered with green lichen, a great part of which had deposited itself upon William's suit. He spent nearly an hour in a fruitless search for a dead cat or dog. But at William's gate a small figure slipped out from the darkness and two little arms crept round William's neck. I'll think of some plan—somethin' cunnin'. Coal dust adhered freely to the moist consistency of the mud and lichen already clinging to his suit, as well as to his hair and face. more william A great classic of children's literature, William Brown embodies boyish mischief. This leads to a thoroughly enjoyable water fight, however, which results in a flooded hall. This is the second unabridged release of the classic William series. As you probably know, William lives in a village in England in the s, 30s and 40s — he never grows. His bottle of lemonade lay untouched by his side, and he even forgot the half-eaten apple which reposed in his hand. William wanted no second bidding. They've got out right enough.

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